Life Purpose & Past Lives Private Session


Private, live, and recorded 75 Minute Session with Akasha.

Your true purpose and soul and intuitive powers are waking up. It’s time to shed what has hidden your divine path and talents and discover who you really are.

There are many parts to your soul. Some of these we call ”past” or parallel lives. These hold great knowledge and strength.

They also hold fear, guilt, and strong beliefs that hold you back from your infinite potential.

In over 20 years of hypnosis, energy healing and shamanic work I never cease to see that underlying the biggest challenges are past lives.

They are the gatekeepers to the freedom you seek to know who you are and align with your true potential and missions.

It is time for you to meet and reconcile these parts of you and empower yourself.

In this deep energy healing, spiritual reconnection, and personalized guided experience you will uncover the past life that is the KEY to your biggest challenge and opportunity in this moment.  You AND your other life are ready to be healed of the old outdated fear-based shackles and soul contracts.

Once you find the past life that holds the strongest limiting vows you can transform them into a new empowering paradigm to live in. You can align to your life purpose and your other life can be freed to live into their purpose PAST the tragedy, loss or shock it experienced and got stuck in. Then the wisdom and powers of your other life can also help you. You can actually co-create your new reality with your other lives, sharing skills, knowledge, and talents!

Reclaim powers, talents, and wisdom. Discover pains and perspectives that you have been carrying your whole life. Free yourself and all lives from outdated, limiting Soul contracts and agreements of poverty, lack, shame, and blame.

Whatever you carry within is affecting your ability to communicate with spirit and your highest self. It taints your view of the world and prevents you from seeing the prosperous possibilities and incredible support waiting for you.

Come and free yourself in this private and personalized Past Life Soul Purpose Experience.

Go Deeper and get a >Private Package of Life Purpose & Past Lives Journeys< including a free mini-reading, meditation, and access to Nan for the package duration.



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