Dolphin Healing & Mayan Magic Retreats 2023 & 2024+ $514 in Bonuses!

From: $750.00 for 1 month

Two RETREATS to Choose From 2023 & 2024! >>6 NIGHTS ACCOMMODATIONS INCLUDED!!!<<<

PRICE $3555 for 2023 December including 6 nights accommodation, double occupancy

2023 & 2024 Dates

December 1-7, 2023 >> Check in Dec 1 @3pm – Welcome Celebration at 4pm – Check out Dec 7 @10:30 am.
OPTIONAL Extra day accommodation to come early and settle in on Nov. 30th, ask for details!

March 16 – 22, 2024 >> Check in March 16 @3pm – Check out March 22 @10:30 am. $3555
OPTIONAL Extra day accommodation to come early and settle in on March 15th, PLUS ALL NEW Dolphin Healing School will be an additional 2 days of all day Dolphin healing, training and more. Ask for details!

Dolphin Healing School March event + March 22 (1/2 day), 23, & 24 full days. Depart March 25 @ 11 am. EMail [email protected] if you are interested in Dolphin Healing School and we will send you the price and details. Limited Spaces, reserve soon for personal and professional Dolphin Healing School.

Note the Accommodations provided are Double Occupancy, ask about single occupancy rates and availability.

Reserve your spot now with a Non Refundable DEPOSIT of $750 or pay in full or contact me to work out your optimal plan and let me help you make plans [email protected].

Contact Donna [email protected] for more travel and logistic details to help you plan your trip! We are here to help!

All fees and payments are non refundable.

CONTACT  for more info.



What you’ll experience on these epic retreats,  – all dates chosen for the auspicious energies to connect intuitively, heal and expand!

Come experience Atlantean Healing Energy + Dolphin Energy Healing and Recalibration + Ancient Mayan Wisdom & Healing Key Code Activations to align you with your emerging multidimensional self.

During the ceremonies and site activations, you will experience visions, traveling into the past and the pyramids power chambers. You will encounter your previous lives and reawaken your intuitive powers that are ready to arise for your Soul’s path.

We are going to recalibrate and upgrade our crystal intuitive network and LightBody with the dolphins as our ocean friends, playmates and healers. These dolphins are incredible healers and have called to YOU to come and raise your vibration and connect to your Soul’s plan!

The dolphins LOVE  to play with us – they are ASKING to connect with you, in person! Yes, we kiss, hug, play catch and swim like a pod with these master dolphin allies.  We do healing work on and with the dolphins and on and with each other in the ocean!!!
We do a healing floating meditation (epic) where the Dolphins are free to swim around you, weave, touch, and recalibrate you. I usually leave my body and travel to other star systems before it is over. INCREDIBLE!

Dolphins are expert frequency healers, I had the honor of working with them for a few years in this exact location. Doing weekly healing with the dolphins on some Parapalegic’s, one in particular Pati hs become a very close friend. From when I met her (12 years in a wheelchair, no movement from waist down) to now she can swim without help, walk and stand in the water and much more! Imagine what they can do for you!

The dolphins have called to us and wish to to assist us in our transformation and creating the new world. They are finely attuned to the highest spiritual wave lengths and can rewire your Infinite Self, Human Self and LightBody (Soul’s Blueprint, blocks and light).

The Dolphins are also attuned to Lemurian, Atlantean and Star Healing Energy. **Once you experience this connection, you will be permanently connected to – or entrained with – this divine dolphin frequency. Now you are on the same wavelength and the dolphins and their spirit family in all dimensions will continue to transmit Dolphin messages, healing, guidance and energy to assist you in developing your 360 senses, your Soul’s core psychic , spiritual and intuitive talents, and your Clair’s, and telepathic skills.

In this sacred, fun and WONDER -filled retreat you’ll meet with the live dolphins, and the ancient dolphin co-creators of the Atlantis wisdom and crystal communication.

They are also connected to Lemuria & the Delphinus Constellation, located in the northern sky, is one of the smallest constellations, has five stars and a diamond-shaped pattern formed by its brightest stars, which outlines the body of the celestial Dolphin! Cosmic healing is whole, unity healing with all levels of your Star and Divine beingness.

AMAZING BONUSES to support you before, during and after the live event! Worth $514!!!
Pre-retreat Bonuses:

1 Dolphin Recalibration High-Frequency Healing Audio ($18) (Instant Download) – Simple and easy to use recalibration of your vibration or emotional state at the moment & a high-frequency healing.
1 Private Akashic Soul Session with your Dolphin Guides with Akasha (Live, private, virtual on Zoom, recorded for you including personal messages and deep Soul healing) ($277) 2023 December dates only

Post-Retreat Bonuses:

1 Private 30 Minute Session with Akasha ($139)
$50 off any Intuition Awakening Course ($100 or more)
$30 Off Soul Reading Private Session with Akasha

Contact Donna [email protected] to request more info, a special payment plan or help with travel arrangements. I have lived here for 6 years, so I can help! We will send you a detailed logistics email and what to bring.

The 2023 retreats so far have been event stellar! It’s your turn, its your time!

We bathe you in love, Yucatecan flavors, colors, and beauty. You are held in this ancient land by the sacred mysteries of the Maya, gods and goddesses, temples, pyramids and the jaguar spirit. You are nurtured by the gorgeous, sky, jungle, nature, turquoise Caribbean waters and ancient waters – sea and cenote (Maya sacred well Dznote).

2023 December 1-7, 2023 or March 16 – 22, 2024. You can put a $750 deposit to reserve your spot in either December 2023 or March 2024 events 

MAIN EVENT LOCATION: NEW Puerta Aventuras, Mayan Riviera, Mexico. We will be based here near the dolphins, in a beautiful private town near beach and with lovely restaurants from Italian, Mexican, Thai and all located around the beautiful dolphin island.
*Important the sooner you book, the better due to accommodations at this time. we provide accommodation during retreat and help you before and after. We have an option for adding accommodation one extra day before each retreat (June 29 pr Nov 30) for an extra fee. Contact us to reserve. No Activities that extra day, just your room and time to play, rest and settle in.

TRAVEL LOGISTICS: (Contact us for happy help and more details to plan your trip. You DO need a Passport to enter Mexico)
Fly to Cancun, Yucatan, Mexico. This is a very easy airport, people fly in from all over and you can usually find good prices.

Upon arrival you will travel from Cancun to stay in Puerta Aventuras Mayan Riviera. (aprox 60 min south)
We will provide you with a Van pickup or private driver the best options to get from Cancun Airport  to Puerto Aventuras. The price is not included.

PRICE $3555 including 6 nights accommodation, double occupancy


  • All Fees for the 3 half day Dolphin healing experiences, communicating and playing sessions
  • A Professional Photo Book of your day with the dolphins. At the end of the full day you choose from hundreds of amazing photos (see below) the Dolphin center takes of us. They make you a book and I purchase all the photos for you to download! ($120 bonus included!)
  • All transport during the retreat to and from the daily activations, events, temples, dolphin center, ceremonies and meals.
  • All ACCOMMODATIONS included – 6 nights July & December, (and an option to come one extra day early and get your room). Double Occupancy, contact me for Single Occupancy rates and availability.
  • All lunches, drinks like water, juice, lemonade, snacks, CACAO TREATS & DRINKS in condo.
  • Final Dinner Celebration on the last day.
  • All fees for Sacred Mayan Ceremony including fees and tips for the venue and performers. The Sacred Mayan Aztec Ceremony at a Jungle Temple and or a Sacred Cenote (sacred underground water cave) is a once in a lifetime experience that is out of this world!
  • All fees for the Sacred Multisensory Intuition Awakening Cacao Spa Healing Ceremony at a sacred Mother Earth womb cenote  jungle temple 
  • All fees for the Ancient Mayan Pyramid Activation and ancient site access.  AAAAAmazing!
  • All energy healing, sound healing, Atlantean and ancestral lineage healing, LightBody Attunements, Intuition Awakening activations, healings during the event. We will do Energy Healing, Intuition Awakening, spirit communication with elements, Jaguar spirit, Hunab Ku soul integration activations everyday including at a sacred Ancient Mayan Site.
  • All tips for drivers, servers, ceremony guides and Dolphin center
  • Gifts. All retreats take on their own personality, I give you gifts and provide new sacred experiences that arise as we get closer to the date.
    ● Flights
    ● Accommodations, meals and transportation out side of the 6 nights of retreat dates
    ● Breakfast and Dinner on all days except the Final Dinner Party
    ● Tips and gratuities (outside the retreat dates and on your own purchases and services)
    Transport to and from Airport.
    ● Souvenirs, snacks outside our main meeting place, special food, medicines, specialty, coffee and and alcoholic drinks

When you are with the dolphins in 3-D, they raise your vibration to a state called “Brain Bliss’! It actually changes your brainwaves and state and removes blocks in your energy body, and realigns you to flow in a way that is optimal for you at this time! This then raises your state of consciousness and you find you are free from old patterns, fears, and heavy emotions.

We have a limited number of openings so if you’re interested in this respond to this email or contact me and we will send you more information.

You will learn new intuition awakening processes and tools. You’ll be live and receive so much love and hugs and heart healing! 

This is an incredible and magical experience that it only happens once in this particular time and moment and the equinox is a POWERFUL PORTAL for quantum leaping to your next level!

The dates have been CAREFULLY picked to be auspicious, powerful, healing, and enriching aligned cosmically, and with the dolphins and ancient spirits calling us.

I look forward to connecting with you.

Many blessings in this beautiful, lucky blessed moment.

Nan Akasha, Dolphin & Animal Communicator and Intuitive Seer & Multidimensional Guide, Master Energy & LightBody Healer.

All fees and payments are non refundable. July retreat must be paid in full by May 30th or if you register after that, you pay in full. December retreat must be paid in full by Sept 2, 2023. To arrange a personal payment plan, contact [email protected]

I highly recommended that you purchase travel insurance for your trip. With all the changes in the world, you may want this service in case you need to cancel your trip or tour. This is only for your travel arrangements, not for our Retreat fee. I recommend World Nomads for travel insurance. They are dedicated to promoting responsible travel and have a give-back program to support charities around the world.

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