Deep Soul Session (2 Hour) with Akasha


A deep soul dive into your biggest blocks and to free you to move forward into the life you are ready to live.  (1-1 on Zoom Audio with Akasha) Come with any topic you want help with and have an incredible transformative experience, healing and revelation. You will have the audio recording to repeat and to take notes so you can be fully present during our time together.


A deep guided energy, soul level journey (1-1 on Zoom) to find blocks, or contracts, cleanse and whatever is optimal for you.

Soul level work to into your LightBody, and other realms and times to find and release, retrieve Soul fragments and hidden powers optimal for this life and time. This deep Soul loss recovery focuses on what has come up as most important for you at this time so far in our sessions. May include a recovery, unlocking, completion or extraction. Energies that are bound through time and space and are keeping you stuck are discovered, freed, and Soul agreements, vows, contracts and obligations are completed and new ones are installed. Free yourself from the inability to express, and flow with your Soul’s essence and end struggle and pain. Any illness lurking or present may be the portal we go through, so can heal, and free you from pains and limitations.
(2 hours) ($397)

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