Chakra Activations UpGrade System 4 Month pay plan + $150 Bonuses

$140.00 / month for 4 months

8 Deep cleansing and empowering activations plus processes, daily activations, and more. We go into your main chakra’s (energy portals) which are the key to your health and ability to manifest, receive and live your purpose. 

The 8 live, private online and recorded classes include several sections and are designed for you to easily find and repeat your upgrade activations, or your daily activation. We go deep into energy centers that hold your power, purpose, blocks, and old soul contracts. From limiting beliefs to shame and lack of worthiness to a broken heart and a shutdown throat. Everyone carries old emotional fears and blocks in these centers and it keeps them from functioning at their full potential. 

You are ready to go within and discover your true power and free yourself from the past.

We go into these personal chakra’s: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart & higher heart, 3rd Eye & Crown (including palm portals) centers. The final journey integrates them all so you can attune to your new upgraded energy centers. 

Your Light body will now be encoded to a higher frequency of consciousness and a clearer connection to your Soul’s purpose and powers. The final journey also grounds you into your Earth Star Chakra (below your feet) and connects up to your Soul Star Chakra (above your head where your higher self lives).

Your chakras are powerful energy centers that affect your hormones, glands, and physical health. Your old fears and emotional baggage are here and your mental freedom and enslavement live here. You also carry old blocks and stories in your chakras.

Once cleared and realigned you will gain confidence, energy, clarity, and inspiration. You will feel more alive and safe in your body, You will find more energy to create and less doubts slowing you down. 

As you integrate this upgrade you will find yourself a more powerful and peaceful creator. You will have lighter thoughts and be able to access higher states and live in more flow and prosperity. If you want to live your purpose, love your body, heal your wounds, and manifest more effectively while living the life your Soul intended – this is the best next step for you.

Upgrading and activating your Chakras will increase your ability to communicate with your body, higher self, past lives, angels, nature, and other realms. It will increase your intuitive abilities and bring more life force and more inner confidence and authority. 

This course will affect all areas of your life and increase your quality of life!


8 classes that include a daily activation for that chakra, a training, an Upgrade Activation, and a Process to help cleanse, balance and connect the chakras. You also receive encoded graphics and templates of the chakras as well as the 18 chakra system.

In the emotional excavation process, you will discover past lives, outdated agreements, beliefs, blocks, and powers. Each time you repeat a journey you strengthen your new codes and create a clearer connection to your optimal flow

BONUSES! Worth $150

1 – Get started INSTANTLY: with the Chakra Intuition Boost Meditation ($15 30 min audio)

2 – Get a Private Chakra Scan with Nan Akasha! (25 minutes, Live, virtual, recorded, Value $105)

3 – $30 off coupon for a Private Soul Reading (50 minute, Live, virtual, recorded $222)

EVERYTHING IS READY FOR INSTANT ACCESS except for the classes we still have to do live. You can start right away as soon as you buy, you get a document with all access information!

Mark your calendar for our LIVE Class Dates


March 31 & April 7 & 14, 2022

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