SAVE $414 Awaken The Inner Goddess Sacred Spa & New Moon Love Bath Retreat


GRATITUDE SALE! SAVE $414 through Nov 30. Sacred Calling to all Awakening Women who wish to be BATHED IN LOVE & AWAKEN THE INNER GODDESS!

Join me, your fairy godmother for magic of the sacred in a Tropical Paradise filled with ancient wonders, flavors and beauty.

Arrive Dec 8, Cancún, Depart Dec 12 (Option to come one day early or late for an extra accommodation fee).

Choose Full Pay here or reserve your spot with a > deposit $1000< via paypal here and arrange final payment with Akasha


GRATITUDE SALE! SAVE $414 through Dec 4.
Sacred Calling to all Awakening Women who wish to be BATHED IN LOVE & AWAKEN THE INNER GODDESS! Nurture and Awaken Your Divine Feminine Powers and Magic!

Celebrate my birthday with me and a sacred circle of soul sisters on the gorgeous beachfront of the Mayan Riviera!

This is inspired by a desire I have had for decades to host a LOVE BATH intimate Beach House experience and immerse everyone in so much love, healing, nurturing, in sacred space.

Love LovE LOVE  Experience healing in the body, mind emotional and pain bodies and the womb, through the cellular and DNA levels to the root. This deep releasing through this life, and others, through the ages and lineages, through the sacral to the root of the soul contracts, vows and fear and free your secret power center of the Sacral. This creative power center is ready to heal the feminine wounds and resurrect the loving , strong, independent creator goddess you can to be. The world needs the ones who listen to gather now and honor your life, your body, your hidden powers and ignite your intuitive, cosmic, psychic powers through your heart.

Go into Gaia’s womb in the sacred way – honoring earth, spirits and light as the Maya did and in the jungle, together, we enter the cave of the ancient mother and experience a Soul sister ceremony to be reborn, free your inner child and refresh your knowing of magic realms you have known. All this wonder, beauty and freedom and reactivate your soul powers.

Allow the goddesses to hold and heal you as you enter actual water caves with women of many sacred traditions guiding and teaching and nurturing you.

The Ancient Grandmother Wisdom Keepers and the Moon Maidens will be with us. 

Learn Ancient wisdom of the Maya, Aztec and Mexica to awaken your powerful yet hidden Sacral feminine intuitive  senses.

Heal (become whole at a new state of awareness) the mother’ within and be held by the cosmic mother of unconditional love. Divine embodiments of the sacred feline wisdom will join us each day to co-create a multidimensional temple of Divine Love.

Gaia has asked me to teach you the powerful LightBody Healing Practice of the Kundalini Cleanse (my teaching, no one else does this) AND chants to open and protect your sacral powers, and earth magic to nurture and sustain yourself as you blossom into your divine essence.

Experience a deep Heart opening and healing through all your bodies on the earth star and others, washing the feminine wound free and regenerate in a with a cacao goddess purifying spa ceremony in womb of Gaia and honored cave of resurrection.

Ancient Mayan Temple of the Jaguar Rainbow Goddess Healing. Receive abundantly from Ixchel the rainbow/moon/jaguar/woman goddess and experience the timelessness of entering an ancient sacred site to the goddess. The ceremony will be to Grandmother Ceiba, tree of Life, and  ceremony In the ancient Jaguar Mayan temple.

Earth, animal and elemental spirits will enhance the magic of the sacred goddess and Sacral awakening.

Sacred ceremony, sound healing and delicious sensory opening experiences flow into each other as your senses are awakened and your recording power increases.

We will bathe, soak and float like mermaids in a gorgeous water spa and purify in Gaias sacred womb cave. 

We will dive deeper each day as the crystal bowls open portals to our past lives of power and we explore ourselves, our inner caves and caverns of woods and wonder as Na ’an Lu’um (Mother Earth in Mayan) reveals secret places and powers to us. Be freed of so much have energy that only holds you back.

Wash it away with love, be purified and receive love until you overflow and give birth the the new you that is ready to live the life your Soul intended.

Arrive Dec 8, Cancún, and settle into your room in Puerto Aventuras Mayan Riviera
Opening Ceremony & Welcome Dinner: Dec 8 @ 6pm
Dec 9: Goddess Healing Ceremony & Ancient Mayan Temple of the Jaguar Rainbow Goddess Healing & Cave (cenote) of the Divine Mother Woman Healing Cacao Spa Ceremony
Dec 10 Goddess Love Infusion, Sacred Feminine Arts, Water Magic and healing, sense awakening experiences and flavors to savor, private chef, sacred medicine woman Michele & Cuencos (Crystal Bowl ) beautiful Mayan Healing father-daughter team to open the new portal in your Sacral (powerful)
Dec 11 Morning Healing Awaken Sacral Feminine Powers, Soothing and purifying Water Spa hydrotherapy Circuit and Lunch at Spa, evening Re-Birthday Dinner Celebration!
Dec 12 New Moon Dawn Ceremony on the Beach and Departure day 

Goddess Love Bath Sacred Awakening includes

Price $2997 Gratitude Sale $2555 SAVE $414 Includes:

  • 4 nights accommodation in Beautiful Mayan Riviera Beach town
  • 3 lunches, 2 dinners (Welcome Dinner Dec 8  & Celebration Dinner Dec 11) and tasty treats, healthy, heart opening, rejuvenating cacao and flavors to savor and awaken your senses
  • Healing with Akasha in an intimate sacred space where you will receive many personal messages, healings, shamanic cleanse, water magic, sound healing, goddess messages, crystal healings, earth magic of all kinds and spirit guides all inside of a sacred light temple aligned for your highest good!
  • Learn & Activate the Sacred Kundalini Cleanse LightBody Healing Process and go it in our circle together, amplifying the power for you and into the planet and all life.
  • Learn Sacred Feminine Arts, chants and I will attune your Palm Chakras to receive a higher frequency of light.  
  • Receive Divine Mother Sacred Feminine healing from the beautiful healer, ceremony leader, cacao goddess, Native Mexica tribe and Professional Chef, Michelle Solis. Michelle, (a daughter of mine in another life), and I have been doing sacred ceremony in the womb of other earth and in the sacred jungle temples and on top of ancient mayan pyramids and even visited a real Maya family. I have asked Michelle to spend the day with us cooking magical foods, teaching her ancient wisdom and sacred feminine magical arts. She will pamper us with healthy, yummy, divine foods filled with her intentional medicine (the cacao mousse is transcendent!).
  • Cacao Spa Ceremony in the divine mother womb cave with Michelle. Immerse yourself and heal the womb wound in an incredible cacao ceremony and sacred spa in a cave of the mother.
  • Goddess Jaguar Temple Activation at the Ancient Mayan Temple of the Jaguar, the grandmother Tree of Life at the site of Ixchel, the goddess of the Rainbow, Moon, Abundance, Fertility and goddess of women!
  • Mayan Cuencos Crystal Healing in our condo (Crystal Bowls and other incredible Sound Bath) – portals open!
  • Half day incredible Water Spa with a river, Swan Neck jacuzzi, and many water features warm and cold, a steam room. Bath, bask, and allow all the past to dissolve to reveal the inner goddess, pure, light, aligned and shining with love of self!
  • Enter and remember who you are in the Caves of Gaia – the pure water cenotes (sacred well), and water cleanses, water elementals magic, mermaids and ancient magic
  • Ancestral, sacral and lightbody cleanses and wisdom infusions
  • Love and heart magic & Sacral love infusion
  • Aura realignment and harmony infusion
  • Love, hugs, love infusions

NOT Included

Airline flights
Transport from Cancun Airpot to Puerto Aventuras, Mayan Riviera
Alcohol, coffee, gifts, souvenirs,
All Breakfasts & Dinner on Dec 9 & 10
Special foods, medicines, extra nights,

If you are called to join me and bathe in love as you reconnect to your sacred feminine nature, please send an email [email protected] and ask for more logistics info, or best to contact Akasha!
Women only, Dec 8-12, 2023 Mayan Riviera (Early arrival available Dec 7 & Stay an extra day available Dec 12- ask)

Arrive Dec 8 anytime, we will gather casually in the afternoon on the beach and in the evening for dinner & prepare for a
6pm – A Floating Sound Bath! (not included) and you can choose what you want to do based on when you arrive.

This is right after and in the same location as the Dolphin Healing Mayan Magic retreat Dec 1-7, if you wish to do both contact me!

Some photos of our gorgeous place, the spa and ceremony

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Full Pay $2555, Deposit $1000

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