Akasha Private Session: Soul Attunement – a healing attunement/retrieval/past life contract completion/


Heal Blocks on all levels, find your old contracts, Reprogram Your Lightbody and Rewire your mind with High Income Hypnosis™

Go deeper with me in an Akasha Healing Session! For health on all levels and in all bodies, including all modalities I can draw from after 33 years of experience. 1-1 High Income Hypnosis ™, shamanic journeying, LightBody healing energy medicine. This session is designed 100% for your personal situation. We locate and transform your blocks to a higher STATE and awaken you body-mind to healing flow. We work on all levels – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. We go to the source, find the cause, detach the energy bond and rejuvenate you to become your own healer. Release fear and find your optimal state. Transform your biggest money fear or self esteem issue in this Deep 2 hour Session + One 30 Minute Follow UP Energy Scan & Reading call

Regression and Healing Includes Soul Alignment, Karmic Contract Transmutation, Body cleansing, mind rewiring, Soul connection activation, Akashic Records access, LightBody Healing and Infinity Light Weaving, Energy & Aura Cleanses and Soul retrieval and purpose realignment.

A DEEP Session using High Income Hypnosis™, Shamanic journeying, Multidimensional Energy healing, LightBody Healing, Infinity Light Weaving

May include: Past Life Regression/Clearing, Soul contract termination, Spiritual Blueprint activation, Soul Triggers or Energy Healing.
These are guided by spirit and include whatever modality and process you need in the moment.
Always includes a powerful Karmic Contract clearing and imprinting process.
Resources, supplements, tips and tools are provided for your continued healing.
● Done live together on Zoom and recorded
● 2 Hour Deep Session
● All sessions Recorded for you

TOTAL Time 2 hours

Price $397.00