3rd Eye Opening Awaken Your Inner Vision & Intuitive Skills Private Session


I am listening to my new Jaguar Spirit Vision upgrade and skills and have been guided to offer these session to anyone ready NOW to open their inner vision and intuitive connection to the HIGHER Dimensional opening to us now.

and massive LightBody recalibrations and 3rd eye opening from the dozens of 3rd eye- crown activations we had from dolphins, manatees and the Sacred Balam – jaguar skull in March 2023 Equinox retreat in the Mayan Riviera.



Plus dozens of dolphin and manatee 3rd eye activations and heart upgrades from the cacao ceremonies and pure cenote waters… there is a WHOLE new level of clarity within me!

There is no time, no space, I am a traveler, interdimensionally, shamanic, mysteries, to the Akasha, into the Soul. Journeys with me open doors within

You are waking up faster than you know, and I am the conduit for your Soul’s next level. Now is the time to get a special private session focused on your inner vision. The inner eye (brow or Ajna chakra) is vital for you to create your life, income, work, health, and relationships in a way that aligns with your purpose.

My work over 36 years in Egypt, mystery schools, traveling with Shamans and in the Sacred ancient Mayan lands, has led me to this new level of clarity and connection. As a sacred SEER, I am now downloaded with the codes and connection to open your inner senses to a level of multidimensional Visual power your Soul was designed for yet your mind has blocked.

We cleanse, clear, and untangle the heavy energies blocking your 3rd eye. We must discover the programs, fears, and vows that are blocking your ability to receive and send messages to other realms and your higher selves. These blocks are preventing you from having the connection you need to live the life your soul intended.

When you can ‘see’ with your own inner eye, unencumbered by limiting beliefs and perceptions, you will be able to navigate your choices in life and trust you are on the best path for you.

When you are trying to create money or love with a blocked inner eye, you get lost, make wrong choices, and don’t trust yourself.

This is the moment in our evolution when we are required to wake up, open our eyes, and began to truly be the creator of our lives.

I will find the blocks, the contracts, and fears and change them. I will guide you on what to do to keep opening and strengthening your 3rd eye so you can increase your intuitive abilities.

We will do powerful energy Healing, light weaving, and talk with your higher self and guides to get you on the right path to seeing your way through any challenge.

This session is live, virtual, 1-1, and recorded for you (60 Minutes). You will receive healing opening you into a new level of wholeness for your Soul’s path, powers and purpose.

You will reuse the recording of the session as you integrate this, so you have a week or more of powerful integration and and permanent connection to the upgrade and downloads I channel into you!

It is powerful and will change your abilities, insights, and life right away.

Get one today and be ready for the big changes coming!

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