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Akasha here, and I have been leading Sacred Awakening retreats for decades and love to combine the sacred healing and shamanic tools I have with the vortex energy in the land, ancient temples, pyramids and water.

UPCOMING LIVE EXPERIENCES with Channeled Healings and Messages for your Soul’s Path!
You will also receive all the Sacred Experiences with Ancient Wisdom Keepers live and recorded. 8/29 – 9/3

  • The Oracle & Ancient Delphi Speaks, The Most sacred site in Greece still has the original Oracle Cave and incredible temple. We will speak to the most famous oracle in the world and receive guidance for today’s challenges. 8/29

  • Athena Goddess of Wisdom, Protection & Strength 8/30

  • Ancient Healing Mystery Schools of Ancient Greece Speak! 8/31

  • The Ancient Stones Speak! Sacred temples and the Land in Greece 9/1

  • The Goddesses & Gods of Ancient Greece Speak! 9/2

  • Ancient Wisdom Walking Meditation through Sacred sites in Greece with Pan & loving nature spirits and elementals 9/3

My GIFTS to you – I want you to be empowered to remember who you are and live the life your soul intended. I share deep healings and profound insights into your divine nature, intuitive skills and life path and purpose. I have spent 37 years traveling the earth and dimensions to gather the most delicious and sacred energies for your personal growth, health and happiness.

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